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Write and present your analysis (finish for homework)

On Wednesday each student will present their analysis of their own transcribed instant messaging discourse. The thinking is guided by the attached task, but the propositions are the students’ own.


Homework: Instant Messaging

This weekend’s homework is to engage in some social networking – and bring to school a copy of the results, in the form of a transcript of one of your instant messaging conversations.

In today’s lesson we also touched on the importance of maintaining high standards of personal integrity and respect for people’s privacy – even in the online world where a lot can be concealed through anonymity and avatar.

Whatever transcript you bring, all participants must have given their permission for its use.

Have fun with it – but be good men, too.

Homework: Paragraph

Due: Thursday 22 September

Write a paragraph that uses some of the elements of the transcript you have annotated to draw a developed conclusion: This conclusion might speculate about the way the language the characters use includes or distances them from each other or the level of security or confidence of each character – or any other information you feel can be deduced from the style and effect of their unique idiolect.

Exemplars: Spoken Language

This file contains three exemplars. Each answers a different Spoken Language question. While they are not analysing the same material that you will be using for your assessment, they are worth examining to get an understanding of how a written response to this assessment might look.

Spoken Langauge Exemplars

Spoken Language Study

The first official GCSE assessment for 2011-12 is called the “Spoken Language Study” in which you will be asked to explore the features of spoken language and discuss the effect that these unique features on the way people perceive this language – and its speaker.

In our case, we will be comparing conversational speaking with the language we use when we send and receive text messages:

Explore some of the similarities and differences between spoken conversation and web-based communication such as messaging, Twitter and Facebook.

This learning will culminate in a written piece, 800-1000 words in length, completed in controlled circumstances in the final week of the half term. You will have 3 hours in total for this assessment, which will be completed on 2-3 different days.

The grade from this assessment will comprise of 10% of your final GCSE grade in the English Language paper.

2011-2012 Goals

This period we set some goals for the year. Mine involved improving the level and frequency of individual feedback to students and the provision of clearer and more accurate information about controlled assessments (this site is evidence of this motive) – and the students had to set goals focussed on improving their academic achievement this year.

The guidelines for this are to follow, and the students have been asked to have their completed goals, which are written in their books, signed by the people at home before next English period on Monday next week.