Spoken Language Conversation B: Chris and Jack

CLICK HERE: for the audio of this conversation.

J: We will beat you
C: No you won’t, you can’t beat anyone
J: Your team, well ok, in a fist-fight, Arsenal would batter you
C: [Laughs] In a fist fight?
J: Yes
C: But this is football.
J: Yeah, but in a fist fight our team..
C: not at all
J: Sagna’s a beast, Sagna would knock a man out
C: But we got Lukaku, Lukaku  would batter all you guys.. at once.
J: No he wouldn’t
C: Yes he would have you seen him?
J: Have you seen Sagna?
C: But Sagna’s Sagna’s like… how tall is he?
J: Sagna’s… he’s about… bit smaller maybe my height
C: See that’s what I’m saying / Lukaku is about 6 – 4
J: What about Vermaelen?
C: Terry, Terry would have Vermaelen
J: [Gasp!]
C: Every day of the week [laughs]
J: Oh my days you are a gas man Terry is moist, he is wet/
C: [interrupts]Yeah but Vermaelen’s always injured anyway so he wouldn’t be able to fight
J: [interrupts] Yeah yeah but but Vermaelen would still duff yeh
C: No he wouldn’t
J: No he wouldn’t no? Ok.
C: I reckon Mikel would batter Vermaelen… easily
J: No way
C: Yesss
J: No way
C: Vermaelen… Vermaelen would get battered…
J: Vermaelen is hard he’s a hard guy
C: Mikel’s just one of those tank guys, he’s just a fat beast
J: Yeah but I saw Sagna, I saw Sagna stick it to Kompany and Kompany is a massive guy
C: Yeah but
J: He stuck it to him – I was there at the match – he stuck it, honest
C: Yeah but like I’m saying, Lukaku he’s just a tank, no-one no-one can beat him up
J: Alright, Ok, k, he probably would innit bruv, but at the end of the day, I know deep down that give it two seasons, two seasons max, Arsenal will be better than you.


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