Final Practice Piece: Get Clever

This weekend you have been set the task of expanding on some developed conclusions that have come from our class work on the Spoken Language topic. This will be your final chance to get my feedback on your practice work and I have made a clear demand of 100% completion.

Notwithstanding this, please try to use this as an opportunity to follow your own interest in this language project. Choose the area that most interests you and try to make your analysis true to your own sense for how this language works.

Next week, in the remaining periods we will:

  1. Explore some possible structures for your Controlled Assessment answer
  2. Practice annotating the finalised transcripts
  3. Write your assessment note sheet
  4. Read the exemplars
Here’s the weekend’s work:

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Challenging the norms of secondary teaching. Publishing every single thing my students and I create. Live in Wanaka, New Zealand - the best place in the world.

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