The Content of your Practice Examination

Watch for trick Questions

You will be answering three distinct sections in the English Practice Examination next week:

  1. Non-Fiction Reading: Where you will be asked to read a series of passages and excerpts and answer a series of questions on these – remember to read each question carefully and make sure you are clear as to whether it is asking for comprehension, understanding, language or presentation analysis
  2. Writing: You will be asked to produce two pieces of writing, both of which will have a specific purpose. Pay close attention to the number of marks awarded for each of these and allocate your time accordingly. Remember that in the writing section the accuracy of your writing and your language choices are being assessed.
  3. Unfamiliar Poem: In this section you will be given a poem that you are unlikely to have seen before and asked to analyse its language and meaning. Remember to quote from the poem and name the language features or devices you notice along with your view of their effect.

In addition to having a clear head about what to expect from this examination you should also arrive to the examination well-rested, well-fed and with all the equipment you need to succeed (don’t be a student who arrives to an English examination without a pen and who has to wait for 15 minutes while the invigilators shuffle around looking for one!)


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