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Controlled Assessment Re-Sit Timetable

Everyone’s grades for their existing controlled assessments have been coded “red”, “amber” or “green”. Each student will be informed individually of their code for each assessment. Those who are code red, must re-sit that assessment. Those who are code amber are strongly advised to resit that assessment and those who are coded green can re-sit at their own discretion.

The timetable for the re-sits is as follows:

Intervention Timetable:

  • Wednesday 22 February:  Spoken Language re-sit preparation
  • Wednesday 29 February: Spoken Language re-sit
  • Wednesday 7 March: Creative Writing re-sit
  • Wednesday 21 March: Shakespeare Re-sit preparation
  • Wednesday 28 March: Shakespeare Re-sit
  • Wednesday 25 April: Of Mice and Men Re-sit


Touching the Void – Novel Study

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

influential German philosopher remembered for his concept of the superman and for his rejection of Christian values; considered, along with Kierkegaard, to be a founder of existentialism (1844-1900)

“If you look long enough into the void the void begins to look back through you.”