Preparation for the Examinations



The English Examinations are happening on the following dates:

  • TUESDAY 22nd May: Literature (a) – Of Mice and Men and Touching the Void
  • THURSDAY 24th May: Literature (b) – Poetry “Conflict” Comparison and Unfamiliar Poem
  • TUESDAY 29th May: Language – Non-Fiction Reading and Writing
The formal revision programme for these examinations runs as follows:
  1. Literature (a): Monday 21st May – All day
  2. Literature (b): Wednesday 23 May – All day
  3. Language: Friday 25th May – All day

Best Practice Preparation:

The best preparation you can do for these examinations is practice answering the prior exam questions. You have received a number of these from me in class, but if you need to find more, you can easily access past papers at the AQA English Language and English Literature sites. (It is often a good idea to have a look at old papers simply as a way to become more familiar with their format)

If you write practice papers on your online journal, I guarantee you will receive detailed written feedback from me – usually within minutes, but at most, within 24 hours.

Always contact or come and see me if you have questions.

There is a wealth of revision information online and many study guides that can help guide your prep – but at this stage one of the most important messages we can give you is to trust your own learning and knowledge and practise the WRITING side of the exam. Instead, go to your online journal and view some of your own past work and read the detailed feedback – making sure you understand your own personal next steps.

Personal Wellbeing:

Just like a big game, an examination asks a lot of you mentally and physically. Don’t let yourself down on the day by arriving late, tired or hungry. Get into the habit of eating a decent breakfast and get some decent sleep. Avoid excessive socialising in the weekends leading up to the big day – but still keep in mind that rest is as important as revision in the week leading up to a big exam.

Be positive. Remember all the impressive progress you’ve made. Believe in yourself. Pay close attention to the questions. Trust your own responses. Give evidence for everything.

Don’t get stressed that 11 years of your life and hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on educating you so that you can achieve in these few small examinations. Just be yourself – the smartest, most eloquent, most intelligent, version of yourself.

Definitely wear your best tie.



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