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The Assessment has Begun

The creative writing assessment “Film Review” has now commenced and the students have the four class periods this week in which to complete it. While no new material can be brought into class for the duration of this assessment, the boys can still enhance their answers by:

  • reflecting on what they’re writing and considering ideas and angles that they can write into their work in the next session
  • check facts and ensure they have the correct spelling of technical or unique terms
  • continue to explore other film reviews to glean ideas for clever ways to express a point of view
  • re-visit the marking criteria (which is published on this site) to ensure they’re focussing their work on the skills and aptitudes that are being assessed this time around.
  • eat well and get plenty of sleep

Develop a Voice – Extend a Metaphor

The final night’s preparation exercise is to write a practice opening to your review where you experiment with developing a reviewer’s voice. As we explored today in class, strong reviews give an impression of the character behind the review, and they use language to reinforce that – whether the voice is one of irony, excoriating sarcasm, folksy intimacy or hard authority, it needs to be established and sustained throughout the review to achieve excellence.

Homework: Develop a Response

The homework, due on Thursday, is to develop some responses to your selected film in the specified categories. At this stage this can simply be in point form, as we will be working on the language and style of film reviews in class. The priority at this stage is the structure and ideas.

To follow is a sample structure we devised after looking at a range of published reviews: